Glaucoma- When To Visit an Eye Specialist Near Me

Glaucoma is often misunderstood by the common person and does not refer to a single disease of the eye. It is a group of many eye diseases that damage your optic nerve if left untreated. The optic nerve is the group of nerve fibers that carry the information from the eyes to your brain.

Visit an eye specialist near me

You need to visit an eye specialist to get your eyes tested for glaucoma. The first signs of glaucoma generally occur when one sees halos or rainbow-colored circles around a light or light. The eyes become extremely sensitive to light if you have Glaucoma. There is a loss of vision in some cases, especially if this condition occurs suddenly, as it generally has no early warning signs.

Glaucoma can be arrested with timely diagnosis and treatment. When one faces problems with their eyes, it is prudent to search for an eye specialist near me online for getting a comprehensive check-up. In this way, if any early signs of Glaucoma are detected, the problem can be addressed.

What are the chief causes of Glaucoma?

The chief cause of glaucoma is an eye failure to maintain the appropriate balance between the amounts of internal fluid (intraocular) produced and the volume that gets drained. The actual reasons for the above imbalance are related to the type of glaucoma one has.

Just like a football or a basketball that needs pressure to keep its shape, the eyeball also needs internal fluid pressure to retain its globe-like shape for a person to see.

When something affects the internal eye structure’s ability to control the intraocular pressure, the pressure in the eye rises to dangerous levels, resulting in glaucoma.

Unlike a balloon or a ball, the eye cannot alleviate pressure by allowing the fluid to drain when the pressure becomes high. Instead, this high pressure accumulates and pushes against the optic nerve until its fibers become permanently damaged and the vision of the individual is lost.

The tests for Glaucoma are painless and do not take long. Your doctor will test your vision and use special drops to dilate or widen the pupils for examining your eyes.

The specialist later checks the optic nerve of the eye for any signs of the condition. They take several photographs so that changes can be spotted in your following visit. The expert conducts a test called tonometry to check the eye pressure. They also conduct a visual field test to check whether you have lost your peripheral vision or not.

What if your doctor suspects you have glaucoma?

In case your doctor suspects you have glaucoma, he/she will recommend further imaging tests for the optic nerve. When it comes to glaucoma treatment, your doctor will treat the condition with a prescription eye drop, laser surgery, oral medication, or microsurgery for reducing pressure in your eyes.

When you visit an eye specialist near me for glaucoma, you will also receive tips for living with the condition for the rest of your life. You must follow these tips and visit your doctor as prescribed for regular check-ups.

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