Orange County Managed IT Services and Database Security Checklist

Your small business database is important when it comes to the storage of critical business data and records. However, small business owners make the grave mistake of not paying adequate attention to database security primarily because they believe they will not be targets of cyber-criminals. Experts in the field of database security and IT infrastructure management say this is not true. There are reports and evidence that cybercriminals target small business owners as much as they target large corporations for data theft and other malicious activities.

Orange County managed IT services to help you to stay safe

If you are a small business owner, banking on Orange County managed IT services will help you stay safe from cyber-criminals and their malicious activities. Most small business owners do not have the funds to employ a full-time IT specialist to take care of their database and computer systems. Owners assume they can take care of these systems independently, which is why they use the basic protection techniques for their databases online.

This is where they go wrong. Today, cyber-criminals are more sophisticated than ever before. Moreover, you should not forget they are skilled IT specialists themselves. They master hacking, data theft, and other criminal activities for their own vested interests. You need to safeguard your database against these criminals, and this can be done with an expert IT managed services company in Orange County with the right team.

Checklist for database security

Professionals from credible IT managed services in Orange county state that you must have a database security checklist for your small business. This checklist should comprise of the following parameters-

  1. Encryption- Make sure there is end-to-end data encryption with SSL layers. This protects your data when it moves from one place to another, just like a bodyguard.
  2. Filter all the input fields- This will prevent the occurrence of SQL injection attacks. Ensure the data is validated before it is placed in the form. There are multiple techniques to prevent any malicious code from being placed in the form of a cybercriminal.
  3. Install a firewall and a scanner- Automated scanners will scan your site as well as a database to find and eliminate spam content or any type of malware to prevent it from spreading. Scanners will also search for any outdated code in the CMS to automatically patch it up for closing any security vulnerabilities. The firewall will help you to deflect any malicious or malware bots before they hit the site.
  4. Perform database backups and updates- Cybercriminals will exploit databases with outdated CMS code like core files, themes, and plugins. It is very critical to assess and perform software and database updates whenever new versions are released. One should delete plugins that are no longer used.

Experts from credible Orange County managed IT services recommend small business owners hire an experienced service provider for managed IT services. Several companies offer them quality services at affordable prices. In this way, their databases are safe and protected from cyber-criminals.

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